Seika town "Seika Pedometer"

Seika town "Seika Pedometer"


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This pedometer application is easy to view and to use. You can easily check your daily progress on the graph display. And you receive a commemorative medal from the Seika Town public relations character "Seika Kyomachi" for each goal met.

## Key Features ##

<> Easy to view and understand
- Large buttons, large lettering, and easy to see color schemes.
- Easy operations that allow anyone to start using it right away.

<> Fun
- You can check your progress with the easy-to-read graph display.
- Set daily goal and work to meet those goal.
- When you meet your goal, you receive a commemorative medal from Seika.

<> Equipped with the "Web Technology Pedometer Engine"
- High precision and low power consumption.

<> Convenient Functions
- You can connect to the Seika City website and check for new town information.
- You can start up the map application.

## Use ##

<> Auto recording
- Your daily steps are recorded automatically by just installing the app.

<> Default settings
- When you first start the app, you will need to make some simple settings.
- The settings can be changed anytime.

<> Main Screens
=> Graph Screen
- Tap on the graph to change the view to daily, monthly, or yearly. The number of steps you've taken can be easily checked on the graph.
- You can check past data by sliding the button.

=> "Medals" button
- You can view a list of the medals you have received.

<> Pause counting
- You can pause and restart counting steps with the "Counting/Resting" button at the top left part of the "Top Screen."

<> Changing the Goal Steps
- To change the number of goal steps for a day, tap on the gear icon at the top right of the "Top Screen" to open the settings screen.

## Cautions ##

<> Supported Devices
- Tablets are not supported.
- Does not run on devices that stop the sensor during sleep (when the screen is off).

<> Battery consumption
- Battery consumption increases during counting.
- Pay careful attention so that battery power does not run out during use. If you are worried about battery consumption, pause the counting with the "Counting/Resting" button on the "Top Screen" when not in use.

<> Count Results
- The number of steps displayed in the "Seika Pedometer" is only an estimate of the actual number of steps.
- There may be a small discrepancy of a few percent with the actual number of steps or with results from other pedometer devices.
- Smart phone sensors may be faulty due to being dropped or impacts. Please note that if the sensors are faulty, a large discrepancy may occur between the count results and the actual number of steps.

* The counting results may be corrupted in the following cases. Please avoid these when using the app or pause the app before doing these.

- When moving vigorously such during sport activities or bicycling.
- When the smart phone is placed in an unstable location such as a paper bag or a bag that is being swung. Or when walking with the phone held in your hand.
- When walking in a hilly location or a location with many steps.
- When walking very slowly or when switching between counting and pausing.

<> About app data
- When you uninstall, all data of steps and medals will be deleted. Please be careful.

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