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Smart Patient Care

Smart Patient Care

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Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care Smart Patient Care


The „Smart Patient Care“ (SPC) system of Optana GmbH opens up a new area of cooperation and communication between doctors and their patients. SPC combines clinic information, contact information and the transfer of personalized medical data and, thus, provides the patient a first hand source of information. Via notifications and sound signals the patient is actively reminded regarding upcoming appointments and medications to be taken, which helps the patient to successfully follow the doctors care plan. All needed data are transferred fully automatically, anonymized and encrypted from the clinic’s patient management system to the patient’s mobile device. For safety reasons all patient data contained in the webserver are stored anonymously, just using the clinic's patient ID in combination with the patient's date of birth for login purposes. This guarantee highest implementation of data security and discretion only the clinic will be able to assign the actual patient to the corresponding patient ID.

To address upcoming questions and problems the clinic can assign a patient care coordinator (PCC) and provides respective phone and email data to the patients, especially during the recovery period at home.

For general topics and questions SPC allows the clinic to dynamically update and expand the App content with descriptions, images or and videos, simply done by the browser based Smart Patient Care backend access.

The latest development for this system is the „Refer a friend“ functionality, allowing to send referrals to the clinic.

Key features:

- Education information for the patient

- Marketing information of the clinic

- Clinic contact information (Phone and Mail)

- Appointment schedule & reminder

- Medication plan & reminder

- Medication overview A-Z

- Information about assigned clinic contacts

- Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

- Refer a friend functionality

You can test the app features without being a real patient by using one of our demo accounts:

- 278-99991 | 1.1.2015
- 278-99992 | 1.1.2015
- 278-99993 | 1.1.2015


Updated 2017-01-13 12:32:13


Developer Optana GmbH

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Medical

Source Google Play

Smart Patient Care

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Smart Patient Care

Smart Patient Care

Optana GmbH


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