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This is free App name Snake Wallpapers, consist of large collection of Snake Wallpapers that beautify your Android device i.e mobile or tablet screen and give the best backgrounds.
Escape the stress every day, get now this App and feel instantly released. Snake Wallpapers App have High Quality pictures, images and backgrounds of different kind of snakes. e.g king Cobra, Eastern Green Mamba, Red Diamond Rattlesnake, Rough Green Snake, Red Milk Snake, Red Milk Snake, King Rat snake, Black Rat Snake, Desert King snake, Snouted Cobra, Egyptian Cobra, Cape Cobra, Indian Cobra, Western Green Mamba, Black Mamba, Corn Snake, Tiger Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Anaconda, Green Tree Python.

Snakes' are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles. There are many families and species of snakes. Snakes are found almost in every part of the World. They range in size from very small to very large. Snakes are beautiful animals, and nothing compares to their graceful, lithe movements or the feel of their smooth, dry scales.
Snakes don't have fur. Many snakes only need to be fed once or twice a month. Snakes require specific living conditions and food in order to thrive. Snakes shed their skin approximately every three months. During this time, snake may need extra water. In some part of the world, some snakes are kept as pets.
There are many types of snakes. Some are venomous and some are not. The king cobra is venomous and it can be a very dangerous snake indeed. One bite from it can kill a man or animal in minutes. It is beautiful to look at though, but preferably when it is in a cage.
The king cobra moves very quickly. The king cobra makes its nest on trees. The female king cobra lays eggs which are big and round.
The king cobra can grow to a length of six meters. It eats all kinds of food. Usually it eats small animals such as lizards, insects or rats. It is also sometimes seen to eat snakes that are as long as 2 meters.
Venomous snakes such as the krait, viper, and black cobra. Rattlesnake and coral snake should be handled with care. The best policy is to avoid them if one is not sure how to handle them.
Please note that Internet connection through Wi-Fi or 3G is required to download Snake Wallpapers. Download and install this free App and decorate your Android device.

Once download this App, all pictures are available without internet connection.

---> App Features <---

-> Easy to use
-> Set image as Wallpaper.
-> Save wallpapers on SD card.
-> Full support for landscape and portrait mode.
-> You can change its color by color button.
-> Save it to photo gallery.
-> The HD and HQ quality and speed of loading.
-> Share all images to your friends.

This free Snake Wallpapers has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 7, HTC, Q Mobile, Bee Mobile and Sony Xperia.
Please contact us at if your device is not supported or any suggestions

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