Social Addiction

Social Addiction


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Are you addicted to social apps and wants to reduse your addiction?
Do you feel lost after using your Whatsapp, Facebook or whatever
social app?
Then this Social Addiction Alarm is only for you!!!!

If you think you are spending an unhealthy amount of time on your
smartphone and getting distracted or are are feeling addicted,
Social Addiction Alarm will help you take control of your life
and and help you focus and spend time with the people you care about.

Stop wasting your valuable time, and know how much time you spend
on a particular application. Just select the application from the
list, set the alarm timer and press the activate button. When
you open that particular application then the alarm timer will
get starts automatically.
When the alarm timer gets completed you will get a alarm tone which
signifies that your assign time is get completed.

So, reduce your social addiction and enjoy your real life...


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Social Addiction
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