Stardust Harmonia:Rhythm Game

Stardust Harmonia:Rhythm Game


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[What game?]

It is a bright and fun rhythm game where colorful stardusts and cute little animals welcome.

Rules are easy! Just tap stardusts to match the rhythm!

Recommended for those who usually do not play much rhythm game, and those who are interested but think that it seems to be difficult.

Of course, it is also recommended for those who like rhythm games! It is a game that the staff who likes rhythm game stuck, sticking.


- It's FREE!
- Easy rules! Just tap the falling stardust!
- Play in a bright and fun atmosphere!
- It contains lots of bright songs!
- Lots of cute characters!
- Enjoy not only beginners but also advanced users.
- New songs are added from time to time.

[What to do first]

First, adjust the setting on "Music sync setting". Depending on the model of the smartphone, the sound and video may not match. If the rhythm is perfect, this game will be more fun.

[Official Link]


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Stardust Harmonia:Rhythm Game

Stardust Harmonia:Rhythm Game


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Stardust Harmonia:Rhythm Game
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