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Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

10k+ |2.77MB

Virus Free!
Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle


Addition is one of the simplest and earliest mathematical tricks taught. Everyone ends up adding two numbers every day for some reason or the other. There couldn't possibly be anything more basic than this.

If you've got so much experience, let's see how good you are at it. Can you add?

The game is straightforward and simple -
The game consists of a 3x3 grid. 5 numbers are generated at random, in random places of the grid.

There are 4 different game modes to choose from:

★ Classic: You get 90 seconds to find as many combinations as possible. Scoring a correct combination gives you 3 seconds more, whereas a wrong combination will deduct 5 seconds from your remaining time.

★ Rush: Score as many combinations as you can in 90 seconds. No time bonuses or deductions.

★ Infinity: Play and practice for as long as you want without any time restrictions.

★ Epic: This time, the sum is given to you before hand, and you have to use as many tokens as possible from the grid to form it. Same time rules apply here! Score higher by using more tokens to form the sum.

To make a combination, you have to select the "SUM" first, followed by the two numbers that add up to the sum.

Correct combination: 20 = 8 + 12 OR 20 = 12 + 8
Wrong combination: 8 + 12 = 20 OR 12 + 8 = 20

Each time you pass a level, you get a bonus 30 seconds of more time.

Time bonus: Can only be secured in the "Classic mode" by one of the following ways:-
- Game duration > 300s = +1000 points.
- Game duration > 420s = +2000 points.
- Game duration > 500s = +3000 points.

Other important features:
☆ Sleek and nice looking UI.
☆ Different game modes.
☆ Google Play Game Services support, compete with friends too!
☆ Small size.
☆ Various levels of difficulty.
☆ Statistics to see how you're doing.
☆ Does not require internet connection to play.
☆ No ads.

Note: Not only are these kind of games fun, but scientifically proven helpful to train your brain and make it think and respond faster. Enjoy!

Sum is a simple maths puzzle game. It's intended not only to help you learn and train your brain, but it's also fun! Spend your valuable time with this competitive mind trainer and never get bored. Can you solve it? How fast can you add?

"Simple Math Puzzles Turned Engrossingly Fun"

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"What is even more impressive is the game features no ads and no permissions. I don’t see any reasons not to give this one a shot."

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Updated 2017-01-12 04:34:36


Developer Cyber Sky

Compatbility Android 2.3+

Category Puzzle

Source Google Play

Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

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Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

Sum - Simple Maths Puzzle

Cyber Sky


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