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Surah Al-Mulk in Audio

Surah Al-Mulk in Audio

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Surah Al-Mulk in Audio Surah Al-Mulk in Audio Surah Al-Mulk in Audio Surah Al-Mulk in Audio Surah Al-Mulk in Audio



The Surah takes its name al-Mulk from the very first sentence.

Period of Revelation

It could not be known from any authentic tradition when this Surah was revealed, but the subject matter and the style indicate that it is one of the earliest Surahs to be revealed at Makkah.

Theme and Subject Matter

In this surah, on the one hand, the teachings of Islam have been introduced briefly, and, on the other, the people living in heedlessness have been aroused from their slumber in a most effective way. A characteristic of the earliest surahs of the Makkan period is that they present the entire teachings of Islam and the object of the Holy Prophet's mission, not in detail, but briefly, so that they are assimilated by the people easily. Moreover, they are particularly directed to make the people shun heedlessness, to make them think, and to arouse their dormant conscience.

In the first five verses man has been made to realize that the universe in which he lives is a most well organized and fortified Kingdom in which he cannot detect any fault, any weakness or flaw, how ever hard he may try to probe. This Kingdom has been brought from nothing into existence by Allah Almighty Himself and All the powers of controlling, administering and ruling it are also entirely in Allah's hand and His power is infinite. Besides, man has also been told that in this wise system he has not been created without a purpose, but he has been sent here for a test and in this test he can succeed only by his righteous deeds and conduct.

Surah Al-Mulk in MP3/Audio
Surah Al-Mulk Translation in English and Hindi
Surah Al-Mulk is one of the surah from 26 surah


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Surah Al-Mulk in Audio

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Surah Al-Mulk in Audio

Surah Al-Mulk in Audio



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