Talk to Moovit

Talk to Moovit


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Talk For Moovit improves your Moovit app by adding great features:

• Voice control:
Operating your Moovit app simply by talking. All you have to do is launch the app, say a place you want to go to, and that’s it. Your Moovit app will be opened.

• Improved search:
Search Moovit app places by their name without having to specify the address. The app completes the full address of the destination automatically.

• Setting up the device automatically:
You can set the Moovit app to turn On/Off the GPS, Data, Bluetooth, WiFi, Auto Rotation, sound volume, screen brightness.

• History and favorites list:
You can keep your Moovit app favorites places in a list and navigate to them simply by talking. The app automatically keeps the history of all your destinations.

• Sharing options:
Chosen Moovit app places can be shared with your family and friends by SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and more.

• Icon shortcuts:
You can add icon shortcuts to your favorite Moovit app destinations on your home screen.



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Talk to Moovit
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