TelePath Game,True Mind Reader

TelePath Game,True Mind Reader


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If you’re a true math enthusiast or even just a curious novice, the Telepath game is made for you! It’s simple enough for the less experienced mathematicians, yet complicated enough for the super-duper math-nerds. Just follow the instructions below and enjoy!

How to Play:
1. Choose two numbers: integers, positive, negative or zero.
2. Do a few simple calculations to come up with a series of 15 numbers.
3. Enter one of the numbers from your sequence and press “Transmit”.
4. The all-mighty Telepath will guess your two original numbers!

The Telepath is so smart it can even guess the order of your numbers! If your first number is “1” and your second number is “4”, the result will show 1 to the left, and 4 to the right. If your first number is 4, and the second is 1, the result will show 4 on the left and 1 on the right.

Fractions, numbers like “1.23” simply won’t work. The value of the first number must be between -150 and 150, otherwise the result may not fit into the parameters. (For more info please press “How to Play” in the game menu).

If you’re a high-school or university student you can test out your brain power even further by finding out the Secret Key! (Psst… Telepath uses The Secret Key and the special algorithm by which it guesses your two original numbers.) Are you as smart as you think you are? Then PROVE IT!

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