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The Tetra Aquatics app allows you to analyse water parameters quickly and reliably. If you own an aquarium or pond and would like an easy way to determine the water values and have them at your fingertips at all times? No problem! With the Tetra Digital Water Test you can always keep a careful eye on your water parameters.

If you’re considering purchasing an aquarium, but unsure whether it will fit into a particular space or with certain décor then you’re in luck!
View a selection of 3D Tetra aquariums in the comfort of your home in as many different places as you wish by simply using your smartphone or tablet. Choosing the perfect aquarium for your home could be easier!

• Simple and accurate readings of your water parameters, with no additional colour chart. All you need is to use your Tetra liquid or strip test.
• Analysis of the most important water parameters for your aquarium or pond
• Test history in your personal user account
• Intuitive operation and innovative technology
• Detailed diagnosis and recommended actions in the app
The Tetra Aquatics App is your all-round tool for taking professional care of your aquarium. It offers many handy functions and information so you can enjoy fishkeeping in a whole new way!
1. Download and print the marker
2. Position the marker where you would like your aquarium to be
3. Select your Tetra Aquarium and stand
4. Watch your Aquarium appear in your home using your smartphone or tablet
5. Click to find your nearest Tetra Retailer or shop directly online

Use our retailer search to find a Tetra retailer near you

We are happy to offer you advice and assistance, including with tricky questions about fishkeeping, terrariums and ponds. Use our online contact form or simply call our AquaPhone experts directly – they will gladly offer you advice and assistance.

Our FAQ section provides the answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

• Conduct scans in bright daylight or artificial light. Avoid direct light.
• When scanning, comply as closely as possible with the specifications shown in the app. Also try to adhere to the scan times. Scanning without following the guidelines can lead to distorted results.

* The Tetra Aquatics App is compatible with Tetra strip and liquid tests!
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Tetra Aquatics App
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