Tip Me: Tip Calculator

Tip Me: Tip Calculator


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Share happiness with ones who take care of your comfort. - Tip Me : Tip Calculator

A gift or a tip is not an obligation, It’s a gesture of kindness and gratitude. We work better when we know someone appreciates us. Being generous can benefit you, too.

TipMe is a simple App to calculate tip and split the bill between friends. Now no need to do tricky maths on bill receipt to figure out tip amount. Just use TipMe to do all the magic swiftly and impress your friends.

Use TipMe to pay for dining to eliminate that awkward moment when the bill comes to the table, forcing all conversation to cease while everyone labors over their mathematical computations. When TipMe does it for you, it is so much smoother, and allows for a seamless exit at the end of the meal.

The holiday season is prime time to give back to the people who make your life easier throughout the year.

TipMe is very helpful to tip when you are with friends and want to split bill like in restaurants and bars. TipMe is also great to tip service providers who solely attend to you like Hair dresser, Massage Therapist, Beautician.

TipMe calculates tip based on your pre-Tax bill amount, so that you don't tip on tax, and then gives you a rounded Total Bill.

If you like TipMe: Tip Calculator App, please share TipMe App with your friends and Rate TipMe App on Google Play Store. Thanks a lot for supporting the development of TipMe: Tip Calculator, your support keeps us motivated.

- Calculate Tip swiftly in few taps.
- Intuitive User Experience Tip Calculator.
- Simple and elegant visual language of Tip Me.
- Split bill between friends in the party.
- Choose your local currency from 100+ currencies.
- Shake Me - Shake phone to clear bill in TipMe Calc.
- Select Friends by scrolling vertically.
- Move finger on the wheel to customize Tip rate.
- Fast real-time tip calculation as Tip rate is being changed.
- Round Total Bill calculator, evenly Split Bill and Tip Calculator in Free Tip Calculator.
- Calculate pre-Tax and post-Tax Bill using simple Tip Me Calc.
- View Summary of the Bill calculation in TipMe - TipCalc.
- Option to exclude tax in percentage Tip calculation.
- Easy to follow tutorial for how to use easy TipMe App.

TipMe Usage:
- Restaurant tipping.
- Beauty Salons Beautician, Manicurist and Shampoo person.
- Sales Tax Calculator.
- Tipping Taxi drivers and Cab drivers on Taxi Fare
- Tipping Bartender, Sommelier and Wine Steward.
- Tips for waiters and waitress, Head waiter or Captain.
- Hair dresser, Barbers and Hairstylist.
- Tip for Parking valet and garage attendant.
- Tip for food delivery person.
- Spa service, Masseuse and Massage therapist.
- Tip for Hotel Housekeeper and concierge.
- For calculating Bill Split and percentage Calculator.

TipMe is Free App, Ads in the App can be removed by paying small gratuity via In-App purchase. Or if you do not mind let those friendly Ads play in the App.

Please e-mail us in case of any issue and/or feature requests, your feedback is very important to us and we will do our best to resolve any issue and fulfill requests asap.

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