Titan Attack: End of the World

Titan Attack: End of the World


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Titan Attack: End of the World is a free fast-paced 3D FPS pixel defense game that captures the exciting feeling of fighting in a classic, retro battle setting. There are many unique features appointed to this combat game, including amazing power-ups, cool modern weapons and intuitive touch screen controls that make manipulating your character easy.

Part of an extremist doomsday cult that submerged themselves deep in the underground for centuries in preparation for the end times, you are one of the decedents of this group. As you emerge from your underground compounds for the first time in centuries, you find the planet overpopulated and teeming with titans. These brutal giants have killed off every last human, and upon your arrival, a next of mad titans descends upon your group, annihilating them in a matter of seconds. You were the only to survive, crushed beneath a pile of your fallen comrades. When you finally emerge, your blood boils in anger for the crimes of these monsters against your brethren and you promise revenge.

Titan Attack: End of the World features an amazing variety of landscapes to explore and dominate. Travel across a forest arena, refuge village, and ruined city streets as you extract your revenge, only to discover that an elite and highly dangerous band of magic wielders are the ones actually controlling the titans. Not only this, you discover there are some humans actually left, but these poor souls are also mere puppets of these spell casters. You now must set your sights on their destruction.


Indulge in epic FPS shooter action and familiarize yourself with how it feels to pull the trigger and send enemy foes to the belly of the underworld as you can set your targets on. This cool game features many awesome advantages and perks. Some you are rewarded with from a simple enough task as watching a brief video ad, others you'll have to really work for. This game boasts an ultra challenging integrated timer, and from the moment you start the first level, a timer will begin counting down what time you have to kill every last enemy and earn a powerful permanent weapon. The aforementioned video ads will earn you such perks as power-ups and ammo, so be sure to opt in whenever you get the chance. Enjoy map style level select screen. At the beginning of each level, prepare to receive your mission which includes the number of enemies you must eliminate to proceed. Good luck! You're going to need it...

Forest Arena
Refuge Village
Ruined city street

Magic Wielders

Addictive and mesmerizing maps
Efficient weapon controls and movement
Fight your way against dozens of foes
Think strategically
Heated gun battles and ruthless snipers
Pixel style defense game
Mission instructions
Map style level select

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    2017-02-09 01:34:35

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    Android 2.3+

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