Toll Calculator - Car Truck RV

Toll Calculator - Car Truck RV


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Provide two addresses, this app will calculate toll costs for up to three routes. You can save hundreds of dollars by using the app. Currently support toll roads in US only. Below are a few features:

1. We cover ALL toll roads / turnpikes in United States including New York, NJ, PA, VA, MA, DC...
2. Provide two addresses, this app will calculate toll costs for up to three routes.
3. Show distances, travel time, and toll booths for each route on the map.
4. Support all kinds of vehicles including trucks and trailer, bus, RV, motorcycle, and car.
5. Calculate toll fee based on different payment methods/transponders such as cash, Florida Sunpass, E-ZPass, FasTrak, ExpressToll, KTag, Quick Pass, PPass, PalPass, EZ-Tag, TollTag, TxTag and so on.
7. Display tolls for different time slots if it is a time based toll road.
8. Option to calculate route from current location using GPS.
9. Send the route information to Google map app for navigation.

We charge truck subscription much more than car because truck features are complicated, require much more data, and have fewer users. There are so many truck classifications and they vary from state to state. Thanks for your understanding.

Disclaimer: All routes in this app are provided by Google Map for automobile use. The routes might use parkways, bridges, and tunnels that are NOT suitable for truck, bus and RV.

See below for some user reviews on iOS.

Most reliable and accurate toll calculator I've found so far. Highly recommend.
Just the app I was looking for before my next trip.
This app is just what I needed, I drove from New York to Philadelphia and paid a total of $1 because of this gps app!
Looked over and reviewd my E-ZPass account and the pricing seemed about right.
It's very practical, I'm an Uber/Lyft driver and travel a lot.

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