Traffic Police Chase: Ticket

Traffic Police Chase: Ticket


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Play one of the best interactive traffic police games with the police car chase unseen in furious police chase games. Police car chase is a fast action packed traffic police car racing game which tests your highway car driving and chasing skills against the violation of traffic laws. So become a daring policeman, get into traffic police car and chase the traffic offender with great racing spirit to hand them over the law breaking ticket. Supper built TRAFFIC POLICE CHASE: TICKET is truly going to enliven your inner police pursuit. Believe it! There has never been such 3D traffic police games of police chase game category.

Gear up to enjoy the open world police traffic racing game. Become a cop car driver turn the police siren on, race through traffic, overtake traffic cars and catch the bad guys who are trying to break the traffic rules and make them pay against the traffic violation. Reckless driving, hot pursuit racing and high speed GTI police cars are all packed in to this fun game. Traffic police game has challenging missions that you need to achieve within the certain time. You need to drive carefully while pursuing the real traffic offender. Don’t hit into any other civilian car on the city road while catching the criminal otherwise the game will be over. Can you master the incredible horse power that lies beneath the bonnet of your police vehicle? Then get ready to play crazy high speed police traffic racing game.

• Outstanding police car chase game
• Super-fast traffic police car
• Real time experience of driving traffic police car
• Awesome police car chase gameplay with twist of traffic laws
• Traffic police officer controlling road cars
• Smooth driving of cop car
• Realistic physics controls for driving speed police car
• Police chase car racing feat with one of the best racing physics

Traffic police games were never such before. The real police driver is the ultimate 3D police chase race where you get to drive real police cars responding to traffic destruction. Police car chase 3D, giving you an exciting 3D race fast police chase games experience, is the eventual 3D police car racing game where you get to drive real police car you normally see on the TV. Fast chase race, TRAFFIC POLICE CHASE: TICKET is what you were waiting for!

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