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Traveler Buddy


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TravelerBuddy is an intuitive Travel Planning App that understands what you need before, during and after travel. No more inadequate flight notification alerts, invalid passports, and lack of offline access to travel-related information.

Simply forward your booking confirmation and your App will auto-generate your trip itinerary. Breeze through immigration and post-travel expense reimbursement with this intuitive and innovative one-App travel solutions that simplifies travel planning.

Besides the creation of automatic itineraries through your forwarded confirmation emails, TravelerBuddy:

• Allows the checking of both passport validity and travel requirements from one country to another via the app

• Sends timely notifications, some of which include start-of-trip and check-in reminders, departure gate change, flight delay information etc., to your mobile devices and inboxes

• Offers offline access to travel-related information stored in the App, eradicating the chore of sifting through overcrowded email inboxes for information retrieval

• Helps track, store, and report relevant travel expenses with its Expense Assistant function

• Provides at-your-fingertips information needed for immigration card-filling through its Immigration Assistant function

• Stores securely all of your required personal details in one single place

• Synchronizes on demand selected trip items with your agenda with the option of sharing printable itineraries

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