U.S. Trademark Search Tool

U.S. Trademark Search Tool


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With this App you will be able to search for all trademarks that have been filed or registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This App is perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers, and anyone else who often finds themselves in the need to check previous trademark records.

The App is completely free and allows to search by trademark name, trademark number and trademark owner’s name.

The trademark name search support identical and similarity modes and also, if needed, you can filter results by class number.

The App also has a trademark class search engine, so you can search for the class that your product or service belongs to.

U.S. Trademark Search App Overview:

- Search by Trademark Name
- Search by Trademark Owner
- Search by Trademark Number
- Trademark Class Search Engine (Nice Classification)
- Trademark FAQs

This App is of a purely informative nature with no commercial ends; it is intended to provide information about the risks that you may face using or applying for your trademark registration in United States.


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U.S. Trademark Search Tool
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