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Unison Server


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Unison is a multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, etc.) utility maintained by Benjamin Pierce to synchronize files across different hosts and devices. Synchronized files can be modified independently on separate hosts, then brought up to date whenever Unison is run. File synchronization is fast and efficient, utilizing a transfer protocol similar to rsync.

Unison Server for Android delivers Unison binaries compiled for Android, along with a graphical user interface for running those binaries in server mode.

Once the Unison server has been started on your Android device, you can connect with a Unison client on your desktop, laptop, or other device to synchronize pictures, videos, or any other file content. No SSH access is necessary - clients connect directly via socket.

Because Unison clients connect to your device over a direct socket connection instead of over SSH, the server should only be run when your Android device is connected to a trusted network, like a home WiFi. Running the server on other networks could expose files on your device to untrusted parties.

Unison is free and released under the GNU Public License. Unison for non-Android platforms, as well as full source code, can be downloaded at:


Root access is not required!


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Unison Server
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