VoteUp: Fast group voting

VoteUp: Fast group voting


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When you find yourself with a group of friends trying to make a decision and it's hard to balance everyone's opinions, use VoteUp to quickly figure out how the whole group feels. Voters without the app will get a text message invite that allows them to rate how much they like each option.

- Friends without the app can vote by text message and their mobile web browser
- Voting takes just seconds
- No account creation, no passwords -- just use your phone number to identify yourself

VoteUp allows voters to rate each option independently, similar to the way a review site might use a five-star rating system. This voting system makes it easy for everyone to express their opinion fully, and is great for choosing options that make everyone happy, instead of making just the majority happy. This type of vote is also great for brainstorming -- use a poll to narrow down a dozen options to a list of two or three top choices.

You can vote on whatever you want, and our users have told us about all kinds of polls:

- Decide where or what to eat
- Decide what movie to watch
- Choose a campsite
- Choose a weekend destination
- Attach photos to options to get feedback on fashion choices
- Attach photos to options to choose paint colors
- Brainstorm a name for a new project
- Elect officers for clubs
- Gauge interest in a new idea
- Collect feedback

Whatever you end up voting on, we want VoteUp to make it easier and faster for everyone's opinion to be heard!

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