Walkie Talkie: VoicePing

Walkie Talkie: VoicePing


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Link your office and field workers with instant voice on Android and Desktop. Communicate beyond walkie talkie with texting, pictures and paging.

1) Real Walkie Talkie

Your colleague hears you as soon as you talk. Grab colleagues' attention with messages that are auto played like a walkie talkie. VoicePing makes sure you get their attention if a response is required ASAP.

How is this different from WhatsApp/Line/Viber/WeChat's recorded Voice Message?.

“You hear the message as soon as someones speaks to you. No need to press play. The app does not even need to be on screen.”

“Faster than other apps. Try it yourself.”

Walkie Talkie Buttons
- Volume Down: PTT (Push-to-talk)
- Volume Up: Select next channel. A channel can be private or group.

2) Texting, Paging, Pictures
Go beyond walkie talkie features with extra mode of communication.
Send Text messages that are read out so you get the communication even without switching on your screen.

Send and receive pictures which can be forwarded automatically to your email account.

Page a user to get hold of someone. Their phone keeps beeping and vibrating until they reply to you.

3) Handsfree operation with Headsets

Make it easy to send messages and stay always connected. Use a headset to start a chat and hear your colleagues replies. Change channel on supported headsets to handle many conversations at a time. Stay compliant with handsfree driving.

Upgrade to Bluetooth PTT - Wearable walkie talkie recommended for professional use.
• Talk & work without obstruction - wearable with clip
• PTT and change channel buttons - No need to touch phone
• Loud Speaker- Way LOUDER than any smartphone

► Bluetooth PTT is built to pair with VoicePing App to overcome smartphone limitations of being used as walkie talkies. Read why Walkie Talkie apps have not replaced Real Walkie Talkies: http://bit.ly/talkieapp
► See Bluetooth PTT at http://www.voicepingapp.com/blog/bluetooth-ptt-for-your-tablet-smartphone

Bluetooth PTT requires a purchase and subscription to VoicePing Enterprise. VoicePing Enterprise also allows for creation of groups, administrator control of users and pairing of specialized hardware like Bluetooth PTT, hard buttons, and surveillance headsets.

WeChat has a walkie talkie too!

WeChat does indeed have a Walkie Talkie function. But for professional use, the lack of some basic features quickly eliminates it as an option.

• One Walkie Talkie Session: This means it will be really difficult if you are the supervisor and trying to coordinate different people and departments.
• Messages are lost: Like old walkie talkies, ff you didn’t hear it, you lose it.
• Bad Battery Life: WeChat’s Walkie Talkie drains your battery so fast your phone gets hot.

TL;DR: Of course we fixed all these problems with VoicePing. WeChat’s Walkie Talkie is really just for fun. You can’t really be expected to use it for work because it’s limited in terms of what it can do.

But wait, there’s Zello
Ah now you are getting serious about have a good Walkie Talkie App. At this stage, you should probably just download both apps and try for yourself. Drop us a feedback if you really want a feature that Zello has and we don’t and we will see what we can humanly do for you.

Want the full list of differences? Click here to read our post: http://www.voicepingapp.com/blog/whatsapp-wechat-push-to-talk-ready-for-business-with-walkie-tal

► See Wearable walkie talkie: http://www.voicepingapp.com
► Buy Walkie Talkie smartphone: http://www.smartwalkie.com
► Get help: customer@smartwalkietalkie.com

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