Wee Princess Treasures

Wee Princess Treasures


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Wee Princess Treasures is an educational game that will entertain your child while helping them develop shape recognition and fine motor skills.

Suitable for young children as early as 1 years old and entertaining for toddlers and challenging for kids of all ages.

The game asks your child to help the Princess find her lost treasures by tapping them as they move down the screen.

There are dozens of beautifully illustrated princess treasures in the game, including tiara’s, gems, shoes, earrings, necklaces, dresses, and wands.

With each tap, your child receives feedback from the princess based on their action. The app verbally congratulates your child when they tap the correct treasure, or it encourages them to try again if they didn’t tap the right one.

The game gets progressively more difficult in each level as more and more treasures need to be collected, and as the treasures cascade faster and faster down the screen.

There are an unlimited number of levels included in the game, so your child can continue to be challenged as long as they wish!


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Wee Princess Treasures

Wee Princess Treasures


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Wee Princess Treasures
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