Ween Real-Time Thermostat

Ween Real-Time Thermostat


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The Ween

Ween is a Real-Time Thermostat that warms your home before you get back. For the first time, your home will give you a warm welcome ! The temperature falls as soon as you leave, and rises for your return.
You’ve guessed it: without having anything to do, you will never again be cold when you get home (even if it’s the middle of the night, or after 4 weeks’ holiday!)
Maximum comfort, coupled with energy savings that are good for your wallet (and the planet): the Ween solution is twice as effective as a weekly program.

The Relay

Connects the Ween to any kind of heating: electric, gas oil, heat pump, pellet stoves, underfloor heating, etc.

The Ween App

Informs the Ween of your return and monitors your energy consumption.
Optimizes the temperature of your home according to your habits and where you are.


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Ween Real-Time Thermostat

Ween Real-Time Thermostat


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Ween Real-Time Thermostat
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