X-Hero: Legends Among Us

X-Hero: Legends Among Us


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Mutants among us! This is the truth that you will face in this game. What is more important, you are one of them. As any world with strange creators, world of mutants has it’s own rules, otherwise everything around will collapse into chaos.

There are two teams of super fighters. The first quest in this war is to choose your side. What do you want to get at the end of the episode? To show your real identity or hide it and continue to live in a secret society of genetic champions?

The next quest will be a real war among mutants. It’s not just boom or clash, strike. This is evolution. Military squads of all academies will take part here. So, don’t be a rogue among your friends.

And, finally, the most important thing is to find the answer to the question about your identity. Face the biggest challenge. Lead this rebellion!

Who are you? Find out the answer!
Strengthen your power to combat with enemies!
Participate in thrilling quests to win the battle!


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X-Hero: Legends Among Us
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