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X your Ex - Break Up Treatment

X your Ex - Break Up Treatment

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X your Ex - Break Up Treatment X your Ex - Break Up Treatment X your Ex - Break Up Treatment X your Ex - Break Up Treatment X your Ex - Break Up Treatment


Struggling with emotional pain regarding your ex? Tired of letting overwhelming feelings control your life? Would you like to shift your mind and energies to other places or relationships? Well, change is possible!

X Your Ex is a positive emotional tool that puts the power of self healing in your pocket. The app allows you to develop new relationships, be more focused in the present moment, and positively affect your life.

X Your Ex Will Help You:
Break free of psychological blocks, hang-ups and thoughts regarding your ex that holds you back;
Free up your mind, attention and energy to focus on positive emotions in your life;
Move on to build and manage new relationships;
Regain your energy and mental strength.

The Self-Healing Process Achieved using X Your Ex:
The app requires no psychological discussion, no exercises and no skill learning.
The process consists of voice recognition, voice analysis, and brief visualization.
The process includes four sessions of twenty minutes each.
An alternative treatment that involves no medication and has no side-effects.
Has a positive impact on the individual and achieves long-term results.
Fuels, balances, and immunizes the emotional system.
Gentle and safe.
Suitable for all ages, including children.

How does the app work?
Our emotional system records our experiences from the moment of fetal conception up to the present. In the course of our lives, emotional blocks may develop in situations that require the attention of our protective system in a way that may prove disruptive.

Eliminating emotional blocks, X Your Ex doesn’t deal with the emotional block. It focuses primarily on establishing what happened, when it happened, and under what circumstances. Using algorithms of voice analysis and recognition testing, the app obtains the required information quickly and precisely. Then, it neutralizes the memory at its roots, at the point at which it came into existence.

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This app helps relieve pain associated with divorce, grief, separation, anxiety, stress, break ups and PTSD. If you went through a betrayal, divorce, loss of loved ones, mental health related issues - this app will help you cope with the emotional pain and grief.
The treatment is done through automatic personal coaching that helps with coping with associated heartbreak and is suitable for single parents as well.
Your Ex girlfriend is still on your mind? Ex-boyfriend is hounding your dreams? Let X your Ex help deal with the pain and relieve the stress.


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Developer Doctor Ora

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X your Ex - Break Up Treatment

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X your Ex - Break Up Treatment

X your Ex - Break Up Treatment

Doctor Ora


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