YearCal Calendar Year View

YearCal Calendar Year View


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A year view companion to your standard calendar app.
YearCal is a simple year overview of your existing calendar events. YearCal is not a calendar replacement. Think of it as the missing year view for your standard calendar app.

Scroll backward or forward to show the desired month. Click on any date to launch your standard calendar opened to the clicked-on date. All event adding or modifying is done within your standard calendar app.

The years can be set to anything from thousands BC to anywhere in the future.

There is also a flow view where months are joined together in a single vertical scrolling list. This is similar to the old standard calendar app.

YearCal is designed for people with many multi-day events scheduled throughout the year. Real world events are not confined to month boundaries. With a year overview you can easily spot busy and free periods that span month boundaries.

YearCal needs the read calendar events permission in order to read and display your events. YearCal has no network access or write privilege of any kind.

Just Free. No Ads. No "pro" version.


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YearCal Calendar Year View
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