15 Days Chest Workout Trainer

15 Days Chest Workout Trainer


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15 Days Chest Workout Trainer is the best personal trainer to get sculpted pecs at home. This exercise app will give you an opportunity to lean body muscles by knowing BMI (Body Mass Index) & BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). To get stronger, toned & defined chest muscles, you need adequate amount of proteins to speed up metabolism along with increase in mass & definition of pecs through this latest fitness challenge unique exercises. This is not just fat burning pocket workout app, it will help in muscle building + development without compromising on health by following animated chest exercise videos. We don’t promise 100% results but will give you motivation & willpower for 15 days pectoral workout. So, just take up this challenge and start noticing results within few days.

List of Chest exercise workout:
Bench Press
Decline Crunch
Inclined Bench Press
Incline Fly
Dumbbell Lying Fly
Dumbbell fly
Barbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Decline Fly
Weighted Crunch
One Arm Bench Press

10 exercises to get toned chest muscles in faster way.
Video animation for correct pose & exercise direction in estimated time.
Two types of chest workout plan: beginner & advance
Beginner plan focuses on easy & moderate exercises.
Advanced plan focuses on tough & hard exercises.
Increases exercise frequency level day by day.
Fitness calculator with recommended exercises according to height, weight, gender & age.
Health tips with hidden benefits to become smart and fit.
Perfect to practice chest exercises at home.
Reminder of daily chest exercises training.
Suitable for both men & women.
No internet connection or WiFi required.

Download 15 Days Chest Workout Trainer right now to get desired results within few days.
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