2048 Fibonacci Math 2048

2048 Fibonacci Math 2048


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If you are interested in maths, you might love this game. Even if you don’t like maths, you would love this.

To keep hooked for hours, play this Maths Game Fibonacci 2048. This is one of the free games kids games / fun games / math games we have created.


1. A board of 16 tiles is presented with intial 2 tiles with value '1'.

2. Swipe right, left, up or down to move tiles to that side.

3. If two adjacent tiles have values which are adjacent in Fibonacci sequence, the two tiles combine to make the next Fibonacci number in the series.

4. Continue to play until you reach tile 2584, in which case you win

5. If all tiles get filled and there is no space for any new tiles, the next swipe might end your game if there are no tiles to combine.

6. Being one of the free games (kids games / math games / fun games ) , there is nothing for you to loose, try it out.

DETAILS OF GAME Maths Game 2048 Fibonacci 2048:

This game is similar to 2048 Free game. The difference is that in 2048 Fibinacci maths free game, tiles are made up of maths Fibonacci numbers.

A good one for Mathematicians or maths students. If you can play this 2048 fibonacci free game successfully, you know your fibonacci numbers very well.

Easy to use, just slide in the direction you want the tiles to move.

This is one of our free games (math games / kids games / fun games). I like free games as users don't have to pay and can try to see if they like it (fun games / kids games / math games). We are developing more free games and you are free to download and use them.

Free Games and Apps is a young dynamic company and we look forward to help users enjoy our free games (fun games / kids games / math games) and free apps for a long time to come.

If you like this app or game, please give a good review. If you have any feedback, please do send an email given with this listing, Maths Game Fibonacci 2048 Free games are very popular and we are working towards keeping our games free.

At the moment available for android mobile and tablet

Soon this free app will be available for iphone, ipad on itunes

download it today to play for free, lol . We make other free games and free apps as well.


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Maths Game Fibonacci 2048

Maths Game Fibonacci 2048

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Maths Game Fibonacci 2048

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