3D Frog Live Wallpaper

3D Frog Live Wallpaper


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Frogs are one of the few remaining members of amphibians, a group that flourished 250 million years.
Frogs cold-blooded animals that their body temperature depends on the environment. They have moist skin.
The eyes have removable covers, but the eyeball can be removed later in the muscles of the head.
For eyes, round eardrums. Sounds in the air or water in these thin membrane vibrates, the vibrations
are transmitted through a small bone in the touch area that sends nerve impulses to the brain.

Frogs are very colorful. Because of its bright nature, many people love to photograph them.
This is the best cartoon 3d videoshpalery. Dare load.

We have developed a new technology to create for you the best wallpapers that work well on most devices, the Android platform. Our wallpaper contains video and not the usual staff changes pictures !!! This provides smooth movement and good image quality without delay.
The application will not drain the battery when you stop using the phone.
This is a great app android live wallpaper always decorate your phone will give it style and originality !!!

Main features:
- Optimized battery use
- Installed on a storage card memory saving phone
- Will adjust the speed of video wallpaper
- Compatible with many android smartphones

Live Wallpapers Free !!

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