3D Stars Journey -Universe LWP

3D Stars Journey -Universe LWP


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A new 3D stars journey with different galaxies is generated every time you start this app. The shining and colorful galaxies create a hypnotic and mind elevating effect. This makes the app very suitable for meditating or relaxing, while watching the stars as you travel across the universe.

Both a music visualizer and a Live wallpaper is included. The stars look totally different in the music visualizer, where they change colors with the music.

Watch this music visualizer on your TV with Chromecast! This is perfect for parties or chillout sessions. It is a special experience to watch this music visualizer on a big screen. All you need is a Chromecast connected to your TV. You can then stream the visuals and the music from the mobile to the TV.

Gigantic thermonuclear fusion stars are situated in the center of each galaxy.
Turn on the gyroscope on the settings and rotate your screen to have a really wild ride!

House and club music from Lick 88 FM is playing in this free version. Upgrading gives access to visualizing and playing any music from any player, like Winamp or Spotify.

You can enjoy this free version for as long as you want, but the full version has much more features!
It is a colorful music visualizer, where you can experience your favorite music visualized in lots of colors.You will enjoy the 3D Stars Journey in a new way when it connects to your favorite music.

You can create your own space world by choosing from 6 different galaxies and setting the colors, brightness and size for the stars in the full version. You can also choose the, distance between the galaxies, the backgrounds,the speed of your journey and much more.

The music in the free version comes from Lick 88 FM:


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