6 years intelligence game

6 years intelligence game


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6 years intelligence game
Educational intelligence game
Preschool educational child play
Educational fun children's play intelligence 3,4,5,6 years
Free game
Attention game
How to play: Find the link between the top picture and the bottom picture
Banana-Monkey, Toothpaste-Toothbrush, Hammer-Nail .... etc
English child play game

There is a connection between the upper picture and the lower picture. The aim is to find this link.
- If there is a picture of the chicken, the picture that is related to it is egg.
- If there is a picture of a monkey, it is a picture banquet.
- If there is a picture of a bee, the image is related to it.
- If there is a picture of the hammer, it is the picture that is related to it.
These pictures may be reversed.
This intelligence game is written to measure the attention of pre-school children.
While playing this game, children will be able to connect things, animals, objects with each other and play with amusement.
It's a very useful game for little kids.
Specially designed for pre-school children aged 3,4,5,6.
This game is a very useful and fun game for both girls and boys.
It contributes both to their training, to their intelligence development, and to their hand skills.
Playing is a very easy-to-play educational and educational game.
It's a free game.
Children will play this game lovingly.
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