7 Minute Super Plank Workout

7 Minute Super Plank Workout


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7 Minute Super Plank Workout is the ultimate plank workout developed by our own bodybuilding and fitness trainer for you to build an ideal body while spending only 7 minutes of your time per day.

The plank is one of the best exercises you can do to:
- build strong core, arm and shoulder muscles,
- sculpt your abs,
- tidy up your waistline,
- pump up your buttocks and strengthen thighs
- improve your posture, etc.

The plank is well-known as a perfect exercise for the abdominal muscles because it engages all major core muscle groups. Flat, toned stomach, anyone? But there’s much more to it. There’s almost no major muscle that plank doesn’t engage: glutes, quads, hamstrings – the list goes on. It even improves your stamina and balance, so what’s not to like?

Hand-picked and the most effective variations of the plank, all of which don’t require any gym equipment, all packed in one handy workout plan? Yes, that's why you shouldn’t really look any further. After all, what other app contains a set of Golden Rules for the Perfect Plank which teaches the user correct exercising techniques once and for all?

Each exercise is accompanied with description, photos and on-point professional advice from our own experienced trainer to ensure fast and effective results. We’ve even included the dedicated Nutrition Plan with a complete mapped-out menu for the whole 7 days. Lose some weight in the process too, on us.

Exercise each day (but not less than 3 times per week!) according to our workout routine, follow the provided instructions and advice, keep to the Nutrition Plan and meet your new Super Body achieved with Body Program!
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