Aadhar Card Scanner

Aadhar Card Scanner


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Aadhar Card Scanner - No need to read and type in your general details, simply scan your Aadhar card QR code and get all details,

Aadhar Scanner - Get your aadhar details in excel format in one click.

Aadhar Card Scanner - Download, update and check status of your Aadhaar card from your mobile phone instantly. Aadhaar Portal is your one-stop solution to view and manage your Aadhaar information.
Validate your adhaar card details by Scanning Tour Adhaar Card.

Save aadhaar card details and share to any one that you want.

No need to carry Aadhaar card with you always. Scan you adhaar card to save all the details.

Aadhar Card Scanner / Aadhar QR Code Scanner Features :

* Scan your Aadhar Card QR-Code and get all aadhaar details in on your phone.
* View/read your Aadhaar card in PDF format
* Show your Aadhar card on your smartphone or send it others.
* Check you Aadhar application status and aadhar card correction details
* User-friendly interface using material design
* No user data is stored anywhere on our servers
* This number will serve as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.
* The app also shares updates from time to time about the latest information regarding Aadhaar and Digital India from Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji and other sources.

Aadhar card scanner will help to scan any Aadhar card and get all information.it will help you to verify any Aadhar card.

Aadhaar, which means foundation in many Indian languages, is the term for the unique identity number issued by the UIDAI. No resident can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual biometrics; thereby identifying fake and ghost identities which result in leakages today. Savings from eliminating duplicates and fakes through Aadhaar-based identification will further enable governments to expand benefits to other eligible residents.

Download, update and check linking status of your Aadhaar card from your mobile phone instantly. Aadhaar Portal is your one-stop solution to view and manage your Aadhaar information online.

Aadhaar card is sometimes misspelt as Adhar card, Aadhar card, Adhaar card etc.

This is NOT an official app and we are not affiliated with the UIDAI in any way. The app is built as a public service to help Indian residents view and manage their Aadhaar information using their smartphones from the comfort of their homes. The purpose of this app is to make a few step process to either download, check status or scan aadhaar easily.
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