African beads

African beads


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Beads for Africa

African jewelry is also used to barter and trade with and sometimes mainly in exchange for cloth, food or other products, but most of the time they were used also more sadly for slaves. Jewelry in Africa is seldom just ornamental; rituals, religion and ceremonies play a large part. In Africa all people were different jewelries and to tell the truth in some cases from a very early age they started to wear them and may be replaced at a certain age or status event like reaching manhood, puberty or sometimes marriage.

African bead necklace

Tribal jewelry in Africa was traditionally used to tell about something or to tell a story. Usually those things were used for ritual dances, waist chains or beaded belts were used at wedding ceremonies. Even today as in the past, people in this place use African Jewelry to enhance personal beauty, personal style and in the same time displays the artistry of African craftsmen.

African bead bracelet

Handmade African beads provide vibrant hues, playful textures, and dramatic contrasts - perfect ingredients for making unique handmade jewelry! Find an impressive selection that encompasses both newly made African beads (like our fair trade paper beads) and antique trade beads (including collector Italian glass beads).

Beads meaning

The beads that are made in Africa are often called trade beads because in many centuries they were used in exchange for goods or used as currency. Now called “African beads” jewelry were discovered from approximately 10,000 B.C. and they comes from Libya, but then ancient Egypt also produced beautiful designs of bead work

African bead waist

African jewelry is known for they interpreted in many ways in the contemporary fashion all over the world. Black special models are very in vogue and tribal adornment embellishes. Today in Africa jewelry manufacture has become an art form and sometimes a way to express one’s personality or a form of individual expression.

African bead paper

Egyptian Beads - Egypt was one of the first’s country to produce a large variety of Africans beads, and some of those beads were made from paper or wood.

African bead hair

Beaded jewelry is more or less a huge part of the culture of most Nigerian and African tribes. You’ll see bead necklaces worn by both men and women, to occasions and traditional events. When worn on traditional African ethnic attires such as laces, Ankara prints, the beaded jewelry makes a brides appear royal and also make celebrants look elegant. In beaded necklace worn on traditional African attires made out of such ethnic fabrics as laces, Ankara print styles and waist meaning

Latest Nigerian bridal bead designs

African bead traditional - Nigerian bead necklaces for traditional wedding ceremony has gone beyond the simple, long red coral bead to assorted designs, styles and colors, as you can see in the pictures above. Nigerian handmade beaded necklace come in many designs and styles. Some are plain strings of beads without any additional embellishments.

Traditionally, the red coral bead used to the one of the most popular bead jewelry for the Nigerian traditional marriage ceremony.
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