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The App features a unique combination of multiple benefits, catering to each set of users, like from Farmers to our own field team
Field Staff-
• An Extension-based tool: Our field team is always on their toes, promoting a range of products via demonstrations and meetings, It is our prime aim to equip them with every modern bit of technology to best of our ability. This app is a step towards it.
• Digital and updated Catalog of Products: AppEx provides our team with a digital pocket catalog of our range of products
• Technical Guide on product and crop knowhow: Crop Profile section of AppEx deals with stage-wise development of Crop and pest problems faced at every stage. AppEx mentions available solutions in terms of products offered by GAVL for those particular pests. This gives a crop- pest database ready with photos available with our staff

Dealer Network:
• Product Catalog on the go: GAVL has a strong network of Distributors and Retailers spread across India. They deal with a number of companies every day and a whole range of products offered by each of the companies. AppEx can help increase the sheer awareness of our Dealer network in case of the whole range of our product offering
• Ease of access and product recall: In the available time at their convenience, our dealers can go through our product catalog and select the list of products to be purchased by them, read about the benefits and effectivity of these chemistries and pass on the knowledge to farmers
• Awareness about Fieldwork being done: AppEx will send notifications based on Rallies or Farmer meetings being conducted in different areas. This will give our Dealer network a fair idea on how much field work is being done in various geographies

• Accessible knowledge: No matter how much area we physically cover, it is humanly impossible to be everywhere every time. This gap can be filled with AppEx to a great extent. It is your personal pictorial guide throughout your Crop Lifecycle.
• Vernacular database of Product information through ‘Promo’section: Though in the initial stage AppEx is primarily in English, but we have provided our promotional material like leaflets, posters and banners for each product, which is in vernacular language. Farmers can go through it for better understanding.
• Crop Profile Section:
• Appex- Crop Profile section is completely pictorial, which will help farmer in easy spotting and identification of problem in hand.
• It will be useful for them during season when they go and observe their crop in the field and understand the problem at hand. Currently this feature is available for Cotton, rice and Soybean
• Solution/ Chemical control measure for each Pest is suggested wherever available. Once you click on the product, it mentions the dosage as per label claim

• Farm Investment Diary: Another most beneficial feature of AppEx is the Farm Investment Diary. This diary is meant for record keeping
• Farmers can record each and every expense done by them on daily basis. We have provided various heads on expenses like Seeds, Fertilizers, and Crop Protection Chemicals. Under each head farmer can note down the dose applied and the expenditure done on the same. He will get idea about cost per acre involved in the transaction. From this we can pool out data on usage of CPC by farmers.
• Under feedback section, farmers will be rating our products on its efficacy; such feedback would be useful for us for mapping farmer’s perception about our products
• Once the crop is harvested, farmer can note down the price at which he marketed the produce and thus get a fair idea of profit-loss made by him. Based on these calculations, a brief Report is presented to farmer at the end.
• This exercise can be repeated ‘n’ number of times, new page for every crop every time.
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