Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories

Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories


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Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories

Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories

These tales are full of wit and humor and they tell us about Birbal's quick presence of mind. These are the most popular stories among all age groups that inculcate moral values and virtues.

There was a Mogul Emperor in India, Akbar The Great (1542-1605). His full name was Jalaludden Mohammed Akbar Padshah Ghazi and he ruled India from 1560 to 1605. He himself was illiterate, but he invited several learned people in his court. Among these people, nine were very famous and were called Nav Ratna (nine jewels of the Mogul Crown) of his court. Among these nine jewels, five people were more famous - Tansen, Todarmal, Abul Fazal, Maan Singh and Birbal.

Sharpen your wits with Birbal, King Akbar's famous, clever and witty adviser. Let your child learn the skills of perception and deduction from Birbal's fine example.

Birbal was an advisor in the court of Akbar and is very popular for his sharp intellect and sense of humour. The stories of Birbal are very popular among kids and adults alike and forms an indespensible part in Indian folk lore.

Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories Story application is a superb story Book. This app is help full to read great story of Akbar and Birbal.
Key Features:
More than Stories in Application
No need of Internet Connection
Specially for children

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Magnificent collections gathered from 50 stories to make you and your time while you are using the best in bed or during the holiday.

Using this app you can easily carry number of stories in your pocket and you can easily read Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories stories anywhere anytime.

These stories are written in simple English and improve their reading skills in a fun way.
Download this app and let your kids have a fun time.

This app is specially build for children. It has totally kids contents. This app is helpful to children to read great stories of akbar and birbal. Birbal was an advisor in the court(darbar) of akbar and is very popular for his sharp intellect and sense of humor.

Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories story book

Browse through and read a story from our huge collection of interesting Akbar and Birbal stories. Install the app, and explore the heritage of India throught the stories of Akbar and Birbal.The witty stories of Akbar and Birbal have always made us laugh and also taught us valuable life lessons. Now read these witty stories from our collection and have fun!

Collection of several moral and inspirational stories. Start your day with great stories to uplift your moral. Learn the true human values with interesting story. Use the lessons learned by these inspirational stories to change your life.
Story includes famous fables from around the world.
Several funny and humorous stories to teach you lesson with a laugh.
Stories about love, righteousness, trust, unity, religious and well being.

This App Helps Kids to learn some good lessons about good habits to follow in life.
Each Moral Story contains Pictures relevant to the story,
It helps to know and understand the Story concept.
Each Story ends with Moral Lessons of the Story ,
Selective Stories are available in this current version.

The stories have a moral that will help instill values in your child. Our history has a lot to teach us and so do these legends. Let your child marvel at the past to enrich his or her future. Also, don't forget to share these Akbar Birbal - Moral Stories stories with your friends using the share buttons given at the top.

It is very useful for parents to tell new stories to child everyday.

All are very interesting and very short stories. one can share these stories to other and make them laugh or fool them by asking questions.
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