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All the students who have passed out of the school are members of the Amaravian Alumni Association. They are enlisted as life members of the Association. Amongst the members and within the school it is popularly known as the OBA (Old Boys Association).

The OBA has more than 3000 members in its ranks, of which around 1000 members are active. Most of them reside in various parts of the country, no matter how great the distances, the alumni share a common bond which supports tradition of excellence, activities of the school and friendships that were made. Members of the Alumni Association volunteer their time, talents, and/or money to further the goals of the Association and recognize the common bond that unites all Amaravians.

They help foster continued loyalty and interest in the school and its system, and they help the Association provide adequate channels of communications whereby school friendships can be perpetuated.

All OBA members feel that this alumni association is worthy labor. Inactive members are who do not know what’s happening and if they come into the net we are sure they will not hesitate in volunteering time and energy to the alumni association.

The Amaravian community plays a vital role in shaping the right leaders for the nation. Through this compendium, we want to bring out the activities of the school in their different nuances and to mirror out our hard task of shaping right type of citizens for tomorrow.
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