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aMaze is a purely logical game: it only requires reasoning skill. It’s *** completely free *** and *** without advertising ***; it does NOT *** require any permission!

PLEASE NOTE: in-app purchases are a future possibility, for the moment there are none. In any case it will NEVER be a ‘pay to win’ game.


In every level there is:
- a maze;
- objects inside the maze (that cannot be moved)
- objects outside the maze

Every object outside the maze is to be moved inside (every box, though, can only contain one object at most)

When all objects have been positioned inside the maze, the protagonist (by the improbable name of Popy) is to be moved as far as the way out

For every level only one solution always exists… with one exception:

*** PUZZLE ***

Which is the only stage that can be solved in two different ways?

If you find it, leave an evaluation for the game, but without saying the solution to the puzzle: send that to me by e-mail.

If the answer is correct, I’ll answer the evaluation, publicly confirming the correctness of the solution! :)

The principles that have guided the development of the application are:

1) no advertising: advertising in my opinion ruins games: I feel like creating a good product, even at the cost of earning nothing

2) just because I make no profit on it, all graphics has been made at home: I hope you will appreciate the mechanics of the game without too much judging it by its look

3) at most (to tell the truth: probably) I’ll issue 30 level packages at the cost of 10 cents a packet. A cost that, in my opinion is more than bearable


The idea of the game was born in France, when I was still designing levels on paper. Since then, a lot of people have given me a hand and I’d like to thank them publicly. If anyone thinks they have helped me and are not in this list, please let me know: it’s unintentional forgetfulness ^^. If anyone does NOT want to appear in this list, please let me know and I will remove them.

- Alessandra, who gives the name to Popy and has helped me in the creation of a level.
- Alessio, who has helped me in the creation of some levels.
- Fabio, Emiliano, and Paolo, who have attended to the graphic realization: Emiliano and Paolo for the realization of Popy, Fabio for the realization of backgrounds and objects
- Valentina, Tommaso, Fabio and Chiara, Simone and Giulia, Roby G. and Roby B., Elisa, Matteo and Eleonora, Mahmud, Gianna, Alessandro, Fulvio for helping me with tests

I feel I must say a special thankyou to Fabio, because he urged me to resume the development of the application when I had given it up; and to Alessandra, because she patiently supported me until the completion; Anna for giving me a big hand in a difficult time.

The images used in the application have been realised mostly by Fabio; the rest of them are the work of Emiliano, Paolo and myself.

I hope you will enjoy the game as much as I have enjoyed planning it and carrying it out.

If you find any misfunctioning or have any suggestions, please do not exitate to contact me.

Thanks, everybody.

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    2017-02-07 09:34:22

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    Andrea La Rosa

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    Android 2.3+

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