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Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper


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Welcome to the world where “Heaven and Hell” meet and become one! Download Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper and decorate your screen with “magical backgrounds and wallpapers HD”! Choose from five HD images of angels and devils and watch the never-ending clash of “good and evil”! Try to reunite gentle and soft angels with ferocious and fierce devils by setting this HD background as your home-screen theme! If you are searching for “angel wallpapers that move by themselves” and “demon backgrounds”, try this 2016 free app for Android™ and decorate your screen with the most beautiful pictures of Heaven and Hell!

Main features:
Animated stars and sparkles on your screen!
Select the speed and density of floating objects!
Choose from ten different “angels wallpapers”!
New wallpapers are added daily!
“Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper” will not drain your battery, because it will sleep when the phone is inactive!
If the wallpaper resets after the reboot, please move it to your device storage from your SD card!
Visit our channel to find more beautiful wallpapers!
“Demon wallpaper” is completely free!

Are you a fan of fantasy wallpapers and enchanting backgrounds of which each and every tells a different story? Try Angels and Demons LWP and have the most amazing picture backgrounds for your phone and tablet! See the explosion of blood red color while you watch a devilish figure, or choose a more subtle, angelic theme, with blue and pink colors. Trust us, there isn't a wallpaper that depicts unified Heaven and Hell better than this “angels and demons free” background pictures! Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper depicts a never-ending struggle between the good and the bad, the evil and the nice ones, fire and ice! Get these “free wallpapers live dark angels” and enjoy your new screensavers!

Magical HD wallpapers of angels and devils!
Stunning animation of floating particles on your screen!
Ten amazing angels and demons themes for Android™!
“Angel backgrounds” ideal for high resolution phones and tablets!

Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper has everything that you need to enter the fantasy world and be a witness of the majestic clash of two completely different worlds! Who shall prevail? The choice is completely yours – choose a picture of the impossible love between a gentle God's messenger and a mighty Prince of Darkness, or watch the display of angel and demon wars on your new fantasy background! A perfect “Gothic wallpaper HD” for your home and lock screens – personalize your device with the best angel wallpapers and demon backgrounds on the market!

Find yourself amid the glorious fight and love between celestial beings and archfiends, seraphs and evil ones, download Angels & Demons Live Wallpaper for phones and tablets and enjoy the best magical pictures for background! Let the power of Heaven and Hell united protect your phone from all the unwanted visitors! Share this fun app with your friends and family – everyone will envy you on your new angel and demon wallpaper app! Choose your side in the battle of the worlds, pick a background that suits you the most and start enjoying the best angel and devil pictures on the market! Unique fantasy 2016 wallpapers are created for your enjoyment only! Stairway to Heaven or highway to hell – choose a path and embark on a magical journey through the world of good and evil!
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