Angry Electro Shark 3D

Angry Electro Shark 3D


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Angry Electro Shark 3Dis a fast packed and wildlife shark game in which you play as the giant Electro shark to explore the depth of ocean!! Electro Shark is the most deadly sea predator. The wild thirsty sea monster is always hungry for hunting down more tasty fishes, whales!

In a deepest underwater world, there is a group of baby Electro Sharks crawling around the depth of this sea world to see how wonderful it is! But a giant and hungry Electro shark eat all the baby Electro sharks. Mother Electro is extremely mad about what the Electro have done to his children, therefore she is going to take revenge and decides to dominate the underwater world. A cruel revenge begins!

Taking revenge is not easy job, you have to survive in this aquatic world full of tasty fishes, dangerous carnivores! Now play as the angry shark and take revenge for its species! The shark is on rampage! He will attack everything that gets his way! Play as the vicious Electro shark and wreak havoc! Control your beast with easy simulator controls, and remember not to let the ocean be quite.

Electro Shark 3D features
-captivating & exciting action packed adventure for all age
-stunning and breathtaking HD graphics
-addictive shark attack gameplay
-realistic and colorful ocean scenario
-giant and angry 3D Electroshark
-large free-roaming aquatic world to explore
-limited life blood
-optimized for android operating system
-new touch-based controls

Electro Shark 3D gameplay
-control the on-screen touch for Right&Left
-tap the touch control for Up&Down
-watch out life blood
-control giant shark to attack fish hunters and other specie

For the first time you play as the angry shark. Your baby children is killed by other dangerous carnivores! Now it’s time for revenge!
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    2017-11-09 02:52:11

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    AnimalSimu Mania

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    Android 2.3+

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    Google Play


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