Animal sounds+pictures App For kids

Animal sounds+pictures App For kids


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Animal Sounds and Pictures is an educational app for kids as well for adults. This app is all about teaching children about most known animal around the world. This app’s sole purpose is to create awareness in the minds of children to protect the animal and birds that they see around them and also are residing in jungles across the world. Animal Sounds and pictures contains the images and sounds of various animals of the world. It’s the best way to teach your children about these animals via visual image and audio sounds of those animals. The children can learn the names of these animal and also, they can identify them via their images and sounds. Then there are games for kids. Mainly two of them.

1) Images Game.
2) Voice/Sound Game.

Let me tell you if you play these games, they are quite addictive for kids and for you. From Image game the kids will learn how to identify an animal via their looks. Secondly, from Voice/Sound game the children will learn how identify animal via their voices.

1) Image Game

Here, in image game an image of an animal is displayed on the screen, and below it four names are displayed. Out of which one will be correct one. Sounds fun isn’t it? You have to select the correct name from available four. Choose wisely. It’s just like puzzle game, but only for animals. Like an animal puzzles. Or just like a guessing game, only here you have to guess the name of the animal.

2) Voice/Sound Game

Here, in Voice/sound game you have to guess the animal from its sound. You will hear a voice which will of an animal then you’ll be provided four options in form of images and you have to select the correct one. Think of it as solving a riddle just like any other you solve in your life.

Here, the animals you’ll see are of total mixture. Some of them might be your pets, some you’ll have seen in the zoo if have visited any, and some you might have never seen, which are totally wild animals. Some them are cute, some of are friendly and some them you might want to keep distance from. So Enjoy and have fun from this exciting animal adventure “Animal Sounds and Pictures”.
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