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Fly through the galaxy . The Lone warrior fights for his survival in apocalyptic times.

***** A non-stop infinite flying.
***** Floating obstacles made up of cosmic circuits.
***** Three amazing powerups. Additional life, Laser Destroyer, Shield, supersonic flyer.

Highly challenging...try your skills in flying now. The year was 2868 AD. Mankind was nearing extinction as a result of extreme experimentation on anti-matter. The rebels of the program quietly shifted their base to north pole. They were against experiments on anti matter but were technological freaks themselves.

1. Space circuits: These are 4- Dimensional . They are 3D in space and could teleport itself in time if not consumed. So, 4D. They are consumed only when a bot passes through them to its death and to the death of the circuit.
2. Mines: The mines are composed of enriched uranium. Its blast can reduce a bot to ashes.
3 Rockets: The third type of obstacles are the rockets. They are composed of plutonium and travel at speeds of 200 miles/hour. They are aware and can change their direction to seek the target like a guided missile. It detects the warrior through its brain waves and not through heat trailing.

Path: The surface on which you run is filled with craters. They are formed by asteroids, meteors, meteorites as well as by the fall of heavy warrior. Each warrior was above 300 feet tall and weighed over 20,000 tonnes.

Beware of the landmines too.

Supersonic speed: The electric circuits produces so much electricity that a small amount of it is lost and goes up in space and forms a kind of bubble. Over long periods of time these energy bubbles become extremely powerful. They are in latent state so they do not burn but can be harnessed as energy by the bot.
Plasma waves: Plasma waves brings on a twister which engulfs and reduces to ashes all obstacles. They are magnetic in nature.
Extra life: Collect a brain on the way to get an extra life.

Game currency is gold coins.

Note: Ads appear in between to support the game developer.

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    2017-10-13 03:36:11

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    Aztec Inc.

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    Android 2.3+

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