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Welcome to Cash No Cash…

Are you in search of Nearest ATMs in your Area , Then you come to the right place . Don’t rush to different ATM and waste time. Download the app and find ATM near you with cash immediately.

This app help you to find ATM with CASH within INDIA. There is Cash No Cash: Find Nearby ATM With Cash.
This simulator scans your New Indian currency note and shows you the video of Modi which is built in 2000 Rs. note.

Use our Cash No Cash app If you are travelling anywhere in the INDIA, you can use these only for enter your pin code number and press search button than after you will get definite result and save your time.

You can use this app to find the Nearest ATM of any bank that is available in Related Area.

If you Still have Notes of 500/- & 1000/- ??? Then , There is No need to be afraid or worry about it , because your money will be yours only. Indian Citizens have to follow some steps easily & co-operate government rules. And then you can withdraw amount of cash which is allowed as per government rules now-a-days.

There is no need for you to enter any kind of details such as pin code ,area name, it based on GPS. So It will be more easy for user to navigate to the ATMs.

1. Available ATMs in your Area
2. User Friendly Interface
3. Very Fast response.
4. Find Cash, No Cash in ATMs
5. Available Current Location

Just Help each other and provide your feedback to improve ATM Finder cash no cash Prank. So go on, get the status and find an ATM with cash.

This App is not intended to check whether note is original or fake. Your Mobile Phone has no such feature to scanning and detecting something like this as described above in description.

NOTE! Cash No Cash, the application is only to guide citizens to the nearest ATMs in their Area.

This app has been created to help people of India to find ATM's in this crisis situations and not to violate any rules of CMS. For CMS Staff , This app has been created to help people not to violate any rules of CMS and will be removed once the issue is sorted out Since CMS has all the rights and we will always be open to remove the app as soon if informed any time if it feels it is a problem to you .

Thank You…
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