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In parenting praise from parenting scolding ! Let's become a good compliment !
I can see the time remaining visually by the graph is reduced . Child is known, children and adults alike easy useless quarrel and fight even fewer people . Please praise a lot that it was possible . Parenting becomes fun motivation of children up to and praise .
In a matter of course also , is that it is hard for a child for an adult . " Generously " Please praise rapidly If you protect the time .
It can be particularly effective in your child that you can not finish , you do not want to wait , the outlook for action and prevent panic is easy to set up because it can be seen in ( and graphs characters) vision . It is a tool that I would like you to use also particularly child you are using a special support .

※ At first , there is a good thing if you wait " was used in front of the favorite TV or in front of the snack ! Please look forward to learning from the stars " experience and wait . Please do not use it to indicate that it is fun for the first ends .

"G timer " is a rehabilitation for vision assistance timer that can be used free of charge in smartphone tablet . Yes I think time is as easy to understand ( graph and numeric ) Visual remaining child and can not read the numbers , your child that sense of time is difficult to grasp . I hope you have a developmental disorder , that the life of your family will be happy .

Eight functions of only Free version
1 . Free timer or (60, 30, 15, 3 minutes) fixed timer
If you set any time , the graph starts from the full state . Graph decreases slowly If you set a lot of time , it will decrease soon it's less time . If you want to set up and 5 seconds or 10 seconds , you will not be able to see most of the time in the other timers , but the graph starts in full in 5 seconds , vanishing 1/ 5 at a time every second you can understand to the eye firmly how to decrease of the time since .
State of full tank of the graph has been determined . If you choose the same timer , the graph will continue to decrease at the same rate at any time . Also, since you can also start from the middle , making it easy to see which remaining time is whether such much .

3 . Recording
You can record sound the alarm using the recording function of the terminal . It is a good good even to record your favorite music , even if you record your voice . Compared with alarm sound mechanical , acceptance at the end the better . In addition, it is also effective as learning to wait for the time to put your favorite music .
4 . First bell
You can play the first bell before the end . You can also use it or ready to heart before the end , to return the attention you've been in it for a long time . In addition, as the kitchen timer , it is convenient to use , such as the timing of the proceeding to the next step .
5 . Vibration
If you do not put out sound , it tells you at the end vibration .
6 . Alarm
Every day , you can start to set a fixed time . This is useful if it is troublesome be used to avoid the start-up forget , every time , it is to start .
7 . Child Lock
Your child is curious to phones and tablets . There is no ginger because I wanted to try to touch . You can use it convenient to not change the amount of time if there is a child lock in such a case.
8 . Changing Graph
I choose a pie chart , graph of the square ! I choose the thing which is easy to understand the direction in which decrease also because can be changed !

Please report means you have problems and requests . And I would like to create an app that easy to understand , easy to use your child with you that He will use .

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