Ayah Filter: Search in Quran

Ayah Filter: Search in Quran


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Known Bug: Word translations don't show on Android 5.

Ayah Filter displays ayat containing the search words you enter on the screen (together with their translations in your own language). You may also get Quranic word suggestions for your input in the following languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Persian, Russian, Turkish, Urdu... (more may be available on request). Clicking on any suggestion will show you the word's usage throughout Quran.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have an active internet connection before running the program for the first time. Don't interrupt the download process. All downloaded files are saved in external drive under 'thereisonlywe' folder.

Features and Instructions (Please read prior to use):

* Virtual Arabic keyboard is already provided. You can use it to write in Arabic or disable it temporarily to write in another language.

* Usage of the provided virtual keyboard: Each key press appends new character to the end of previous character automatically and you don't control the cursor position. If you want to make changes to your query, just rewrite it.

* Suitable Arabic words (occuring in Quran) are suggested as you type. If you select one of the suggestions, search operation will immediately start. If you don't see a suitable suggestion for your Arabic input or you just want to make a partial search, press space instead to start searching. You may keep adding other words to refine (constrain) your query using the space button. You can also use the ∨ operator on the provided keyboard for taking union (OR) of words to widen search scope.

* Voice Search! Just press MIC key on the virtual keyboard provided and speak (one word at a time). Please note that for this feature to work, you need to have Google Text-to-Speech installed on the device.

Additionally, these are applied for searches to be effortless:

* All diacritical marks (including wasla and madda) are omitted.

* All non-letter characters (those that are not displayed on the virtual Arabic keyboard) are omitted.

* All hamzas combined with a letter (those above and below letters) are omitted. Stand-alone hamzas are left untouched.

* All occurences of "dotless ya" are replaced by "dotted ya" in the original text.

* Basmalas at the beginning of sections (except 1st section) are omitted.

* All searches are case-insensitive.

* Finally, please note that Ayah Filter does not search specifically for an expression formed by the words you enter, but for individual occurences of those words together in verses of the Quran. If you want to filter out an expression instead, you may do it manually after searching for the words making up that expression (in a single query).

Notice: In order to do semantic searches, you may use 'Ayah Seeker'.

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