Ayo Belajar Membaca

Ayo Belajar Membaca


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This apps is build to help kids and toddler to recognize the letter and learning to read with more easy, enjoyable and fun. They will use it with happy, just like playing a game. Learning as fun as playing a game.

» each page using an attractive illustration images.
» the images is replaceable using own collection, such as family photos/pictures. So, learning using this apps becoming more-more enjoyable.
» equipped with sounds, and it is also replaceable with own voices. Using Mom, Dad, or brother/sister voice will make kids and toddler more interested using this apps, and make their learning process even faster,
» equipped with exercise modules.

Replace or complete your existing learning application, such as Pintar Membaca, Belajar Membaca dan Menulis, or any other Belajar Membaca with this exciting apps.

This apps complements the series of our education apps, such as Belajar Mengenal Huruf dan Angka, Belajar Juz Amma, Doa Anak Muslim, and Cerita Anak Nusantara.

For detail instruction about replacing the images and voices, click this blog : http://annisasoftware.blogspot.com.

We welcome for any feedback, comments, and wishlist to make this apps better and better, and useful for more kids, toddlers, and parents.

ACI, Aku Cinta Indonesia,
Aku Cinta Ibu-Bapak,
Annisa Cipta Informatika
Ayo Cerdaskan Indonesia

Thank you very much,
Aamiin ...
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