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Want to check your health vitals? Want to know whether your health is on track? It’s really simple now. Get your health checked with B.O.L.T, an easy way to keep a tab on your health. Whether it is your blood pressure or blood oxygen level, or your body temperature, you have it all available in the Play Store with B.O.L.T. Your best friend for life that comes handy at all times. The perfect health monitoring app to have on your Android phone and tablet. B.O.L.T offers you much more than just giving you a normal health check.

 The B.O.L.T app with the B.O.L.T device (Please place an order for B.O.L.T device from www.amibolt.com) allows you to measure and keep track of the following vitals

• Blood Pressure

• Blood Oxygen

• Body Temperature

• Body Mass Index

It also provides an option to share the above with your near and dear ones through SMS, email, twitter, whatsapp or Facebook:

It has a very simple yet intractable user interface that can be easily understood and handled.

Boast to the world about your health quotient by sharing it with your friends. Now it’s not necessary that, to get your health checkup done you have to visit your doctor. Instead, you just need this app installed in your Android phone or tablet and simply have to click share to the doctor or loved ones.

B.O.L.T can also show your health trend with a progressive report about your health readings over a period of time. Every data gets saved in the cloud and you would be able to retrieve them at any point of time. Get a consolidated information in the form of an attractive graph.

 It’s time to say goodbye to being unhealthy. Keep a tab on your health today & every day.

This application will support Android 4.0 & above and screen size of 3.5 inch & above.

B.O.L.T,My health My Style.

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