BA Entry Control Time Utility

BA Entry Control Time Utility


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The Entry Control Calculator and Monitor is a simple but useful tool to calculate times associated with Entry and Exit of BA (Breathing Apparatus) teams through an Entry Control function. Once times have been calculated it also provides a way to monitor the timeline of up to three BA teams in real time.

In its most basic form it will simply calculate time offsets from the devices's (or an entered) time up to maximum time of 60 minutes and provide three alarm points during the elapsed time at 15, 10 and 1 minutes from the end time.

Total entry time can be entered in a specific number of minutes as per the Work Duration tables on an Entry Control Board or for 9 Litre Cylinders can be entered as the pressure in Bar of the cylinder with lowest pressure in the team and the calculator will then display the entry time relative to that pressure as per the NZ Fire Service Entry Control board work duration tables.

Can operate on both phone and tablet products and is intended to be used by individuals tasked with performing Entry Control management functions.

Operation is as follows:

1. Select a Team, A, B or C
2. Tap on the "Air Mins or 9Ltr Bar" field - the keypad will then display
3. Enter a Minutes value from 16 to 60 or a Bar reading from 170 to 300

NOTE: Using the Red backspace << X button will clear the field and ultimately reset the entry completely

4. Enter the start time in 24hr HH:MM format or leave it blank to use the device's time
5. Tap the CALCULATE button - This timer is now running. The Air Mins field will change colour and sound an alarm when reaching each of the 15,10 and 1 minute markers. Each active timer can be displayed by changing the Team selection.

NOTE: To change the alarm sound or turn it off tap the Android Menu button and select the "Alarm Sound" option

6. The real time monitoring screen can be displayed by selecting the "Monitor" option of the Menu

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