Baby Elephant Simulator 3D

Baby Elephant Simulator 3D


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Take control of a baby elephant in the city and let’s play. Elephant simulator 3d is free simulation game to play as a baby elephant and cause destruction when you smash cars, walls, airplanes and other objects. Elephant simulator 3d will let you explore a city and hit any object you want with the power of the beast. Elephant is lost from a savanna farm lands and has entered the city in anger. Elephant is a beast and with his fury he could smash everything in the way. Hit people, destroy objects and score points to complete missions. If that is not enough than leave out a tiny elephant and have a blast. Explore the complete city in this 3d role playing simulation game and have fun before the wild elephant returns to savanna farm lands in the wilderness.

Elephant simulator 3d will let you play the role of a giant elephant lost in the city from the savanna lands. There is no wilderness, forest or jungle here. They city is heavily populated with people, houses, cars, airplanes and many other animals. This beast creature will find its way when he inflict destruction in the city. Show them the power of this wild creature with your destruction and smash every object with the ultimate power. Complete gameplay mission and score high by hitting objects and causing rampage. An elephant is known for its huge size. Unleash this beast with the destruction. Those who love playing simulator and running games specially wildlife simulators where you control a wild horse, a tiger or even a bear. Wildlife sim lovers will definitely enjoy playing the role of a giant elephant.

• 20 Gameplay Missions to Hit & Score
• Jumping, Running & Simulation
• Destruction with Elephant Bombs
• Be a Giant Elephant
• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment

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