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Online music platform BarDJ is a virtual jukebox, which is the result of Slovenian knowledge and technology and, what is the best, completely free for the bar owners.
Every owner of a bar or a pub has his own idea of what kind of music genres will be played in his bar. Some prefer rock music, some pop, some a healthy mixture of all… BarDJ provides you with complete control over music, which is randomly played in your bar and of genres, the guests can choose from! No "annoying" music in your bar .
The use of BarDJ is very simple… you register your bar online at by providing the requested data and agreeing to the General Terms and Conditions. By using the control panel you edit your jukebox to your preferences… you can make one or more playlists, put in your logo, you can post marketing messages, which are then displayed on the app on your guest’s phone, you can suggest songs or artist, which are not in our database, yet… You can do that from any computer – your office, home, beach… When you are finished, you open the Bar DJ site on the computer or any windows-based device, which supports Flash player and is connected to the speaker-system in your bar, press “Play” and the music starts playing.

In order to choose songs in your bar, your guests need to download the free application Bar DJ from Google Play or Apple Store. When they install it on their phone, they instantly have the opportunity to see, which bars and pubs play music through the system Bar DJ. So you can even expect some new faces in your establishment, as they will find your bar on the App and come to use Bar DJ...
Guest can see, what is currently being played in the bar, on the app and if they decide to choose a song of their choice, they buy chips. This is done easily within the application via their mobile operator, Apple store or PayPal. They find the desired song in the App, confirm it and the selected track is played immediately - if more songs are paid-in, a waiting list is formed.
Bar owner receives a commission for each track, chosen in his bar. But the best feature of the Bar DJ is, that when a waiting list is formed, the guests will wait for their song to be played and thus stay longer – and order another round of drinks. Our database is huge, there are over 25000 songs, arranged in 35 genres. The guests in pubs are delighted, as they can play songs, they didn’t hear in ages or songs which have some sentimental meaning for them, but they can’t hear them on radio stations.
With Bar DJ, you will add something new and modern to your offer. Your guests will be happy and drink more, you will be happy, because you won’t have to loose precious time and money with music in your bar and, most importantly, your profits will go up… if that is not a good incentive to try Bar DJ in your bar, then we don’t know what is…
For any questions or suggestions we are always available on our website, e-mail: and on our FB page BarDJ.

If you can find a reason not to try the virtual jukebox Bar DJ, please let us know… because we surely don’t  ;-)

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