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Battery Commander


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This app helps you maintain your battery life during concerts, traveling, or at home.

If you have android OS version 5.0 or higher, google has crippled your/my ability to manage battery power by removing the most important option in terms of conserving the battery (disabling mobile data):

Please take a moment to star and reply to the issue so Google will hopefully bring it back.

I discovered that using mobile data is the number one reason my phone's battery drains quickly. At home connected to wifi, the phone will continue to try and stay connected to the mobile network, and some apps force the use of the mobile network even though wifi is available. Also, when the mobile signal strength is lower, your phone expends more power trying to stay connected and send/receive data. My app maximizes your battery life by forcing the use of wifi when available and preventing your phone from wasting energy trying to stay connected to a weak mobile network.

***During all modes SMS messaging and phone calls should still work. You will have to enable data to download multimedia SMS messages though***

Pulse mode - After you turn your screen off, it will wait until you unlock your screen then turn on mobile data and syncing for 2 minutes, then shut it off again until you unlock your phone again.

Standby - Disables everything to save battery power.
Wifi - Disables mobile data and forces use of Wifi (saves a ton of battery power and makes your phone more responsive).
Auto Disable 3g/4g on Wifi - Whenever you connect to a wireless network, the app will automatically disable sending data over 3g/4g.
Auto Enable 3g/4g on Wifi Disconnect - Whenever you disconnect from a Wifi connection, 3g/4g will be enabled.
Require Strong 3g/4g Signal - Disables mobile data when your cell signal is less than 2 bars.
Auto Brightness option and slider.
Toggle BT - When switching modes, turn bluetooth on and off.
Toggle Sync - When switching modes, turns global sync on and off.
Sound Effects - Turn sounds on/off.

*See pic in store of my old Droid Razr going over 3 hours sitting in my bag on the beach in away mode without dropping from 100% to 90%.

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