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Battery Fast Charging


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Battery Fast Charging is a FREE battery saving app that not only helps in charging your battery 5 times faster than normal, but it also extends your battery life up to 50% by checking all the settings that drain power on your device.

Battery Fast Charging Come up with an elegant and a professional user interface that it make it very easy to boost your battery charging and keeps your Android phone going longer. All that you need is just a single Tap to disable all the services that drain power such as wifi, bluetooth, auto brightness, screen rotation, Screen timeout etc.

Furthermore, Battery Fast Charging gives you an overview about the health of your battery and shows you the most important information about your battery such as: battery temperature, battery voltage, battery level, battery health and battery technology.

✓ Our app is very easy to use and there is no complex process. Just download and install it from Play Store for Free on your android Smartphone or tablet. Tap the optimize button and we will take care of the rest. It’s all.

✓ Once you install our app you will benefit from our fast and smart charging feature that will help your phone to be charged super fast. You will see a big difference between charging your phone with and without our Battery Fast Charging app.

✓ We guarantee that you will get at least 50% more of battery life with our app. It was developed by android specialists and they implemented the latest technologies to help you to get more battery life.

✓ Your battery is running out of energy super fast ? Want to have better battery performance? Our app helps you to increase battery life and have better battery performance.

✓ Detailed battery information within the main screen of the app. You will be able to see the percentage of battery energy as well as Temperature in C°, Voltage of battery and finally the level.

✓ The best thing in our longer battery life app is that you can use it for Free without paying any fees or special memberships. Enjoy it for Free!

✓Once you activate our Battery Fast Charging app, you don’t have to touch it again, because it runs in background and automatically. We will save your battery without opening our app.

✓ Inside the Battery details section of our optimize battery app you will be able to find many details and information about you battery life.

✓ With Battery Fast Charging, you can easily activate or deactivate WiFi network, Bluetooth, Brightness, Rotation, Sound and Timeout. Don’t forget that those settings steal your battery energy

✓ Nice and User-friendly UI.

✓ Shows the battery capacity in the app.

✓ Automatically activates fast charging mode.

✓ Automatically turn off wifi, 3G.

✓ Automatically turn off Bluetooth

How to use Battery Fast Charging
1. Launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode.
2. It will automatically boost your charging speed when you connect the charger next time.
3. Our Battery Fast Charging app Charges your Battery Up to 15-30% faster than other apps. 

Thanks for use Battery Fast Charging
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    2017-08-12 06:34:23

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    Android 2.3+

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